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Mulch and Top Soil

Comer Construction, Inc. processes more than 600 acres of wood product each year. Land clearing has always been a component of our business, but when the cost of disposing of waste material at landfills increased, we sought other means of disposal. In 1997, we began recycling wood products as a means of eliminating the need to use landfills. This environmentally-friendly process utilizes all of the waste material, eliminating the need for potentially dangerous stump dumps. In 2001, Harford County Government awarded Comer Construction the "Excellence in Recycling Award".

We deliver products to wholesalers, distribution centers, and suppliers in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Jersey. The minimum quantity for mulch delivery is 10 cubic yards.

Please contact Michael Rice or Leona Hill for more information.

Our Mulch Facility Location:
900 Cirelli Court
Aberdeen, MD 21001
Phone: 410-676-6500
Fax 410-676-6588

Mulch Request

Mulch Request