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Congratulations to Timothy Kaptein,December Employee of the Month

December EOM_Timothy Kaptein

Timothy Kaptein, Director of Safety

Congratulations to Timothy Kaptein, Comer Construction’s December Employee of the Month.

Timothy has been a dedicated employee with Comer Construction for more than eight years, serving daily in his role as Director of Safety. Timothy is responsible for the planning, implementation and management of policies, procedures and programs to reduce and eliminate occupational injuries and illnesses. In addition, Timothy develops the company’s accident-prevention and loss-control systems and programs, and ensures the company is in strict compliance with all safety-related contractor requirements.

Congratulations Timothy!

Each month, employees of Comer Construction nominate one of their peers for consideration for that month’s Employee of the Month Award. Recipients of this award are selected based on their commitment to safety, dedication to daily responsibilities, willingness to assist in additional duties as needed, and overall commitment to the company.

Comer Construction Expands Its Equipment Fleet with New Excavators

Comer Construction recently added two new excavators to its equipment fleet – a CAT 305.5 Mini Excavator and a CAT 318 Wheeled Excavator. Both are pictured below.

The Mini Excavator is useful on job sites that require digging and grading in small confined spaces. The Wheeled Rubber Tire Excavator is used to grade slopes and enable access to areas such as blacktop parking lot islands and curbs.

CAT 305.5 Mini Excavator

CAT 305.5 Mini Excavator

Rubber Tire Excavator

CAT 318 Wheeled Excavator