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Congratulations to Fred Rice, August Employee of the Month

Fred Rice, Fleet Manager
August Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Fred Rice, Comer Construction's August Employee of the Month. This year, Fred celebrates 35 years with Comer Construction. During his more than three decades with the company, Fred has served in several roles, including laborer, truck driver and Foreman. Currently, Fred serves as the company's Fleet Manager and is responsible for managing all Fleet Operations, including maintenance and oversight of the day-to-day supervision of truck drivers.

Fred, thank you for your dedication and loyalty to Comer Construction for the past 35 years. We truly appreciate your work and are so happy to have you on our team.

Congratulations Fred!

Each month, employees of Comer Construction nominate one of their peers for consideration for that month’s Employee of the Month Award. Recipients of this award are selected based on their commitment to safety, dedication to daily responsibilities, willingness to assist in additional duties as needed, and overall commitment to the company.