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First Hydro Excavator Truck Added to Growing Fleet

Locating buried pipelines and cables for underground utility projects is an important and very concise practice that our team at Comer Construction continuously strives to ensure is both safe and environmentally friendly. Recently, we took our underground utility work to the next level with the addition of our first vacuum excavation truck. The 2018 Kenworth with a GapVax HV55 Hydro Excavator is a safe, non-destructive and accurate way to safely locate buried pipelines and cables. 

Here’s how it works:
High pressure water flows around buried utilities penetrating the soil to create small soil particles that are easily removed by the vacuum.   

Comer Construction purchased the Hydro Excavator in February 2020 and has been operating it daily on existing underground utility projects. The vacuum excavation truck is also available to rent.  Give us a call for rates and availability.

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Employee Appreciation Event

Employees are the heart of our Comer Construction Family. Each year, we recognize and thank all of our employees and their spouses for their hard work and continued dedication to Comer Construction during our Annual Employee Appreciation Event.

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September Employee of the Month // Harry Johnson

Get to know September Employee of the Month, Harry Johnson

Each month, employees of Comer Construction nominate one of their peers for consideration for that month’s Employee of the Month Award. Recipients of this award are selected based on their commitment to safety, dedication to daily responsibilities, willingness to assist in additional duties as needed, and overall commitment to the company.



Harry Johnson
Utility Foreman


Nickname at work: Vincent
🔸 Title: Utility Foreman
Years with Comer Construction: 5 years
🔸️ Little Known Fact About You: I enjoy going to the drag strip and racing my car.
Favorite thing about working at Comer Construction: The people I work with.
🔸️️ Favorite...
      Sports Team: Baltimore Ravens
      Movie: Glass
      TV Show: Bull
If you could vacation anywhere, where would it be and why? Hawaii, because i have never been there and I have family there.
🔸️️If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Invisible, so I can hear everything people do not want me to hear.


Congratulations Harry and thank you for your continued dedication to Comer Construction!

New Fuel Truck Added to Growing Fleet

Ever wonder how a site construction company can keep numerous pieces of heavy equipment operating efficiently at multiple job sites a day? Well, it takes top-notch crews, strict adherence to daily safety standards, and fuel… a whole lot of fuel.

And at Comer Construction, our fuel truck is a highly-relied upon piece of equipment that keeps our comprehensive site construction services running smoothly daily. That’s why we recently added a new fuel truck to our growing fleet. The new fuel truck, a 2020 Model GR713/64FR Mack, has the capacity to carry 2,500 gallons of fuel with the added bonus of an automatic transmission and air ride suspension. In addition to fuel, the Model GR713 also carries Diesel Exhaust Fluid, motor and hydraulic oils, grease and antifreeze.

Our state-certified fuel truck driver, operates the new truck delivering fuel to 10-to-12 site construction sites daily throughout the Greater Baltimore Region. Certified by the Maryland Department of Transportation, our driver holds a current Class B CDL license and has a Hazardous Materials and Tank Vehicle endorsement.