Clearing and Grubbing

Exceptional Site Clearing Services

Comer Construction is based in Forest Hill, Maryland. Our exceptional site clearing services have earned us a reputation as the preferred land-clearing contractor in Harford County and beyond. Our state-of-the-art equipment distinguishes us from other land clearing companies, and allows our team of experienced, land clearing contractors to perform clearing and grubbing services more safely and efficiently than our competition.

Site and land clearing, also known as clearing and grubbing, is an important part of any development project. When preparing a site for new construction, land clearing contractors must clear and grub the site before it is ready for foundations, utilities, pipelines, or even access roads. Site clearing services are one of the first steps for residential or commercial development.

What do Land Clearing Contractors do?

After a construction site has been surveyed, trees, scrub, and surface debris must be removed. This is called clearing and grubbing.  When site clearing services “clear,” this refers to the removal, or clearing, of all trees and plants. When land clearing companies “grub,” they are removing the roots, logs, brush, and debris that are left after clearing. Land clearing contractors will then grind or chip the brush and take care of the removal of stumps. Once the site clearing services are complete, the site is ready for next steps, such as grading.

As any land clearing contractor will tell you, clearing and grubbing is rarely easy. Land clearing companies must utilize a long list of specialized heavy machinery to perform all of the functions involved. At Comer Construction, we use only the latest models of:

  • Horizontal grinders
  • Chippers
  • Timbco Feller Bunchers
  • Skidders
  • Loaders
  • Excavators

We also bring in bulldozers, dump trucks, and compactors. Land clearing companies are experienced with this kind of equipment, and only experienced site clearing services, like Comer Construction, should undertake clearing and grubbing tasks. We know how to deal with the special issue of underground utilities, overhead wires, erosion control, and regulations in Harford County and throughout Maryland.

Comer Construction can also advise you on the use of clearing and grubbing by-products for the stabilization of your development site.

Get Started on Your Site Clearing Project

If you’re looking for site clearing services in Forest Hill, Harford County, or throughout Maryland, contact Comer Construction, Inc. here or call 410-879-6094 for additional information about what we can do for you.