Get to know Comer Construction’s
May Employee of the Month, Alex Richards

Each month, employees of Comer Construction nominate one of their peers for consideration for that month’s Employee of the Month Award. Recipients of this award are selected based on their commitment to safety, dedication to daily responsibilities, willingness to assist in additional duties as needed, and overall commitment to the company.

🔸 Nickname: Reds
◾️ Title: Mechanic
🔸 Years with Comer Construction: 1 year
◾️ Little Known Fact About You: I like to go hiking.
🔸 Favorite thing about working at Comer Construction: They treat me like family.
◾️ Favorite…
       Sports Team: Washington Capitals
       Movie: Fight Club
       TV Show: Game of Thrones
🔸If you could vacation anywhere, where would it be and why? Bora Bora. This is a small South Pacific Island northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia. I want to go there because of the views and clear water.
◾️If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Fly, because gasoline is expensive and there are no lights in the air.

Congratulations Alex, and thank you for your continued dedication to Comer Construction!

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Harford County-Construction-Jobs-Mechanic


Harford County-Construction Jobs-Mechanic