Safety Data Sheets

On this page, Comer Construction employees have direct access to the company's Hazardous Chemical Inventory List along with all Safety Data Sheets.

Hazardous Chemical Inventory List
A Hazardous Chemical Inventory List is a list in alphabetical order of all hazardous chemicals in the workplace.  Click on the Hazardous Chemical Inventory List link above to view.

Safety Data Sheet
A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) means a written or printed material concerning a hazardous chemical that is prepared by the chemical manufacturer. Per the Hazard Communication Standard (29CFR1910.1200), a Safety Data Sheet shall be made readily available to all employees when a hazardous chemical exists. 

Employees are encouraged to click on the link below to access the most recent Safety Data Sheets. To search for the name of a specific material, simply hit CTRL + F and a search box will appear. Type the name of what you are looking for in the box and you will be taken to the appropriate pages.

2020 Safety Data Sheets (updated April 1, 2020)

2018 Safety Data Sheets (older version)