Harford County Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal

When winter rolls in and brings the snow with it, Comer Construction is ready to keep the paths clear and businesses running in Harford County, Maryland. It’s more than just plowing snow; it’s about making sure everyone can go about their day safely. From clearing snow-packed roads to de-icing critical pathways, our services are essential for maintaining safe and accessible communities. Our experienced snow removal team is dedicated to ensuring that businesses, schools, and public spaces remain open and functional, regardless of the weather conditions. 

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Snow Removal for Businesses and Governments

Snow Removal on a Commercial Driveway with a Bulldozer

State Highway Administration (SHA)

Comer Construction, proudly woman-owned and operated, plays a key role in supporting the State Highway Administration’s snow removal efforts during Maryland’s heaviest snowfalls. With a fleet of specialized equipment and a dedicated team at the ready, we’re always prepared to tackle whatever winter throws our way. Our collaboration with the state ensures that roadways are promptly cleared, helping to keep travel safe and uninterrupted during the toughest storms.

Subdivisions Under Construction

We partner with developers to provide essential snow removal services for subdivisions under construction, ensuring progress isn’t halted by Maryland’s winter weather. Our collaboration keeps roads and pathways clear, facilitating safe access for construction teams and existing residents alike. This support is crucial for maintaining timelines and safety standards, even as the seasons change, ensuring that development projects move forward smoothly, regardless of snowfall.

Supplementing Landscape Services

We provide snow removal services in collaboration with leading landscape services companies, enhancing their capabilities in managing Maryland’s unpredictable weather. Our partnership brings additional support in snow removal and site preparation, ensuring that landscapes remain pristine and accessible, even in the harshest winter conditions.  

Shopping Centers and Parking Lots

Our commerical snow removal services help keep shopping centers and parking lots clear of snow and ice during large winter storms. We ensure that customers and staff can come and go safely and that businesses can continue operations. This service is essential for minimizing the risk of accidents and keeping businesses running smoothly.



Pedestrian Accessibility & Safety

Our snow removal services extend to community associations, ensuring that neighborhoods stay safe and navigable throughout the winter. We take care of snow and ice on roads, sidewalks, and common areas, allowing residents to move freely and safely. This service supports community well-being by reducing the risk of accidents and facilitating continued access to essential services, even during the heaviest snowfalls. 

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