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Comer Construction is committed to protecting our environment and implementing all approved stormwater management plans. Much of our work is close to the Chesapeake Bay, where most of our region’s streams and rivers ultimately drain. At Comer Construction, we reduce the impact of development by taking proper erosion and sediment control measures. Our goal is to protect every community’s clean water and its surrounding environment.

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Stormwater Management Services in Maryland

Sediment and Erosion Control

At Comer Construction, we excel in implementing sediment and erosion control measures to minimize soil displacement and protect water quality.

Bioretention Facilities

Our specialized team constructs expertly engineered bioretention systems, utilizing natural processes to manage stormwater effectively and sustainably.

Detention and Retention Ponds

Our team is skilled in creating detention and retention ponds, essential for controlling stormwater runoff, reducing flooding risks, and minimizing water pollutants.

Wetland Restoration and Bioswales

Comer Construction supports wetland restoration with the construction of bioswales, enhancing ecological habitats while improving stormwater filtration.

Underground Stormwater Management Systems

Underground stormwater management systems optimize land usage and mitigate surface water flooding with efficient, space-saving solutions.

Maryland Department of the Environment Compliance

Comer Construction ensures all our projects comply with the Maryland Department of the Environment’s guidelines, upholding our dedication to environmental stewardship and regulatory adherence.

Value Engineering Options

Our approach incorporates value engineering, focusing on identifying the most efficient and effective solutions to meet the environmental requirements of each project.

Make Comer Construction Your Partner for Site Construction

Comer Construction is your trusted partner for comprehensive site construction services. From initial site preparation and underground utilities to road work and paving, we handle everything needed to prepare your site for construction. With our expertise and experience, you can trust Comer Construction to handle all aspects of your site development, providing you with peace of mind and outstanding outcomes. We are dedicated to delivering excellence and surpassing your expectations.

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