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Education Site Construction

Experienced School Construction Site Contractor

Comer Construction has extensive experience supporting construction projects for the education industry. Our team has worked on private and public school projects throughout Maryland providing excavation, grading, utilities, stormwater management, and other site construction services.

We’ve prepared land for new school construction, made way for school expansions, and built athletic fields. From installing underground utilities to paving school parking lots, we have extensive experience supporting the education sector.

Where We’ve Worked

Comer Construction has completed education site construction projects throughout Maryland, including:

  • Baltimore City
  • Baltimore County
  • Harford County
  • Cecil County
  • Howard County

Featured School Construction Projects

From grading and excavation to utilities and paving, Comer Construction has supported numerous private and public education construction projects in Maryland.

Graceland Park-O’Donnell Heights Elementary/Middle School

Baltimore, MD

Comer Construction began the job by handling critical exterior infrastructure for the new school, including: grading, utilities, concrete work, paving, and stormwater management.

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Homestead Wakefield Elementary

Bel Air, MD

Our team started work at The Homestead Wakefield Elementary School in December 2021. Our scope of work included grading, underground utilities, and stormwater management in preparation for the installation of new classroom trailers.

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The Park School

Baltimore, MD

Comer Construction began work at The Park School in September 2022. Our scope of work included excavation, mass and fine grading, storm drain installation, sewer service and stormwater management.

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Highlandtown Elementary / Middle School

Baltimore, MD

We started with grading and stormwater management in preparation for construction of the new school. Comer Construction was also tasked with installing underground utilities, building the curbs, installing gutters, and paving new roads on the property.

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Site Construction Services for Schools and Other Education Projects

Grading & Excavation

Maintenance of Traffic

Road Work & Paving

Stormwater Management

HydroVac Truck


Choose Comer Construction For Your Next School Construction Project

Being involved in construction and renovation of schools throughout Maryland is particularly rewarding for our team. We’re a big supporter of the community and working on school construction projects gives us the chance to help enrich the lives of future generations. Let our experienced team lay the proper groundwork for your next project. 

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  • Certified Minority Business Enterprise with MDOT and Baltimore City
  • Team members able to pass district background checks
  • Experienced in-house team for full control on project timing and scope

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