Project Quick Facts

  • Project: Homestead Wakefield Elementary
  • Services: grading, stormwater management, utilities.
  • Location: 900 South Main Street, Bel Air, MD 21014
  • Timing: December 2021 – September 2022
  • Project Manager: Matt Scarff

Comer Construction started work at The Homestead Wakefield Elementary School in Bel Air, Maryland during December 2021. 

The Board of Education of Harford County partnered with J Vinton Schafer & Sons Inc. to manage the project, which involved grading and utility work next to the school in preparation for the placement of temporary classroom trailers to be installed by Modular Genius. 

Comer Construction’s scope of work for the first phase of this project included grading, underground utilities, and stormwater management.

Grading Work

Comer Construction is an expert in site grading and excavation. Our multi-million dollar fleet of state-of-the-art equipment, combined with our expert crew, ensures that this critical foundational task is completed with excellence.

Earth-moving services like those completed for Homestead Wakefield Elementary include: stormwater management, sediment control, mass excavation, rough and fine grading, fill dirt delivery and removal, and land clearing and stabilization – including tree removal.

Utilities in Maryland

Our professional crews operate state-of-the-art equipment to ensure every underground utility project is completed with precision and expertise, safely and efficiently.

As a trusted utility contractor in Maryland, Comer Construction provides full-service underground utility services for public and private projects, including:

  • Water mains and connections
  • Sewer mains and connections
  • Sewage pump stations
  • Storm drainage systems
  • Utility conduits

Stormwater Management

Comer Construction protects the environment by expertly implementing approved stormwater management plans. We reduce the impact of development (like the work done for Homestead Wakefield Elementary) through erosion and sediment control measures. Protecting community water sources is a vital part of what we do.

Working under the guidelines of the Maryland Department of the Environment, we are experts in bioretention facilities, detention and retention ponds, wetland restoration and bioswales, and underground stormwater management.

About Comer Construction

Established in 1982, Comer Construction provides grading and excavation services throughout Maryland as part of our complete site construction packages. Our cutting-edge construction equipment, award-winning safety program, and decades of experience – along with our distinction as a women-owned site development contractor – sets us apart. Contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.

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