Hydro Excavation

Safer & More Accurate Excavation

Locating, installing, and servicing underground facilities and subsurface utilities can come with a lot of risk. Compared with mechanical methods, hydro excavation provides better damage and safety control.

Using hydro excavation prevents damage to underground pipes, lines and cables. Not only does this reduce the cost of repairs and restoration, it speeds up projects and protects the construction crew.

How it Works

High pressure water flows around buried utilities penetrating the soil to create small soil particles that are easily removed by the vacuum.

Benefits of Hydro Excavation
  • Reduce risks
  • Improve efficiency
  • More accurate results
  • Fewer repairs and restoration
Our Truck

Comer Construction operates a GapVax HV-55 machine with 12.5 cy capacity (with on-site disposal) and 1,200 gallon water capacity.

Hydro Excavation Truck


Common Applications of Hydro Excavation

  • Exposing Utilities

  • Potholing/Daylighting

  • Slot Trenching

  • Debris Removal

  • Piling Hole Excavation

  • Cold Weather Digging

  • Remote Digging


Rentals Available

The vacuum excavation truck is also available to rent. Give us a call for rates and availability.


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