Comer Construction provides complete commercial and residential site preparation services, all of which are customizable to the unique needs of your project. We work with you, as a team, to ensure your project is complete on time and within budget.

Featured Services

Grading & Excavation

Everything from taking out the trees to putting in the utilities, including stormwater management.

Maintenance of Traffic

Establish a clear workzone and keep everyone safe with temporary traffic control.

Road Work & Paving

Reliable, fast-acting and affordable solutions.

Comer Construction Services

Comer Construction is a women-owned site construction company specializing in site preparation and underground utilities. Having highly-skilled craftsmen and certified professionals on staff means Comer Construction has the ability to perform all aspects of our services. It also means we can quickly adapt to your project’s particular needs. 

Grading & Excavation

Site grading and excavation are core components of Comer Construction’s complete site packages. Our experienced professionals will fully clear, grade and finish your site specific to each project’s requirements.


At Comer Construction our team of professionals operate state-of-the-art equipment to ensure each underground utility project is completed with the precision and expertise needed in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Maintenance of Traffic

Managing traffic and lane closures effectively is a critical aspect of keeping a worksite safe. Comer Construction’s maintenance of traffic team provides traffic control, flagging, and lane closure services for a variety of projects.

Road Work & Paving

Whether it’s a large site development project or a maintenance and repair project, you can trust Comer Construction to manage your roadwork and paving project from start to finish.

Stormwater Management

As a leading site excavating contractor in Baltimore, Maryland, Comer Construction is committed to protecting our environment and implementing all approved stormwater management plans.

Hydro Excavation Truck

Underground facilities and subsurface utilities are integral to most construction projects. With Comer Construction’s hyrdo excavation services, we can more efficiently and accurately excavate soil and locate utilties.

Snow Removal

Comer Construction has a variety of equipment to handle commercial and municipal snow removal for office buildings, retail locations, and municipal projects.

Equipment Rental

Depending on the timing and needs, Comer Construction is able to rent construction equipment to customers with special needs. Availability and selection is limited.

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