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Roadwork and paving are essential services that keep our communities moving. From laying down new asphalt to repairing potholes and resurfacing worn roads, the work done in this field is critical for infrastructure reliability and efficiency. Our skilled professionals in roadwork and paving not only focus on the durability and quality of the roads but also on minimizing disruptions to daily traffic flow.

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Roadwork & Paving Services in Maryland

Surface Preparation

This foundational stage involves creating a robust and stable base for roadways and other paved surfaces. The process includes laying stone base, as well as, milling, overlay, and patching, where existing surfaces are expertly removed or repaired to prepare for new paving, ensuring a smooth and reliable road surface.

Asphalt & Concrete Solutions

Comer Construction excels in laying high-quality asphalt for roads, ensuring a smooth, durable surface suitable for all weather conditions. Alongside asphalt paving, the construction of concrete curbs and gutters forms an integral part of our services, providing not just the road’s edge but also effective water drainage solutions.

Pedestrian Accessibility & Safety

Recognizing the importance of pedestrian safety, our services extend to building sidewalks that offer safe, accessible walking paths. We also focus on ADA access, ensuring that all our pathways meet the standards for accessibility, making them usable for everyone, including individuals with disabilities.

Road Safety & Markings

Our road safety measures include the installation of guardrails, crucial for preventing vehicles from veering off the road. Additionally, we offer in line marking, which is vital for guiding traffic and ensuring safe navigation for all road users.

Traffic Management & Control Installations

Managing traffic flow and ensuring safety in busy areas is a key aspect of our work. Our maintenance of traffic services ensure the work zones is safe for workers and the public. We install signage and traffic controls to guide and inform drivers, alongside Jersey barriers for safe traffic separation, especially in construction zones or high-traffic areas.

Additional Roadway Features

Beyond the main road surface, we also install bollards and wheel stops, essential for traffic calming and delineating parking spaces. These features play a critical role in enhancing overall road safety and efficiency, reflecting our commitment to comprehensive road construction and maintenance.

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Comer Construction is your trusted partner for comprehensive site construction services. From initial site preparation and underground utilities to road work and paving, we handle everything needed to prepare your site for construction. With our expertise and experience, you can trust Comer Construction to handle all aspects of your site development, providing you with peace of mind and outstanding outcomes. We are dedicated to delivering excellence and surpassing your expectations.

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