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Modern, Non-Destructive Digging

Hydro excavation is a cornerstone in modern construction and utility management. Utilizing high-pressure water to safely and precisely break up soil, this innovative technique ensures minimal disruption to the surrounding environment and existing underground utilities. Our team of hydro excavation experts specializes in delivering efficient, non-destructive digging solutions for a wide range of projects. We prioritize the safety of buried infrastructure and the integrity of your site, guaranteeing a seamless operation from start to finish.

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Our Hydro Excavation Services in Maryland

Exposing Utilities

Hydro excavation is a game-changer for exposing underground utilities, minimizing the risk of damage to pipes and cables. This method uses precise, controlled water pressure to remove soil, ensuring that utilities are exposed without the harsh impact of traditional digging tools. It’s a safer, more efficient way to visually confirm the location of utility lines, significantly reducing the likelihood of service interruptions and expensive repair work.
Hydro excavation truck digging near active hospital


Potholing, or daylighting, benefits greatly from hydro excavation by providing a non-invasive technique to uncover and inspect underground utilities. This method creates small, targeted holes to expose pipes and cables for maintenance or diagnostic purposes. Hydro excavation’s precision protects the integrity of the infrastructure, making it an ideal choice for sensitive or congested areas where traditional excavation methods pose too great a risk.

Slot Trenching

For projects requiring narrow trenches for the installation or inspection of utilities, hydro excavation offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. This method creates clean, straight trenches with minimal disruption to the surrounding area, allowing for quick, safe installations. Unlike mechanical methods, hydro excavation reduces the potential for environmental damage and ensures a more precise excavation, saving time and resources in backfilling and restoration efforts.

Piling Hole Excavation

Creating holes for piling and pole installations is made more efficient and precise with hydro excavation. This technique allows for the accurate excavation of holes to specific depths and diameters, essential for the structural integrity of buildings and installations. Hydro excavation’s ability to control the excavation process ensures that surrounding soils remain undisturbed, providing a stable foundation for piling and poles.

Debris Removal

Hydro excavation excels in debris removal, especially in challenging or sensitive environments. The vacuum excavation process effectively removes waste and debris from construction sites, storm drains, and catch basins, allowing for a cleaner work area and preventing blockages. This method is not only efficient but also reduces the risk of damaging existing infrastructure during the clean-up process.

Cold Weather Digging

Hydro excavation has a distinct advantage in cold weather conditions, where traditional digging methods are hampered by frozen ground. The use of heated water allows for the effective breaking up of frozen soil, enabling year-round excavation activities. This capability ensures that projects stay on schedule even in the harshest winter conditions, without compromising safety or efficiency.

Remote Digging

For projects located in difficult-to-reach areas or where traditional excavation equipment cannot access, hydro excavation offers a solution with its ability to extend hoses from the truck to the excavation site. This flexibility allows for precise digging in remote or constrained locations without the need for large-scale mechanical equipment, reducing environmental impact and preserving the natural landscape.

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Hydro Excavation Truck Rentals

Comer Construction offers specialized hydro excavation rental services, complete with skilled operators, to support your site excavation or construction projects with precision and efficiency. Our rentals are perfect for businesses needing advanced excavation capabilities for specific tasks, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum safety. Our experienced operators bring added value, guiding the process with expertise.

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Companies That Benefit from Hydro Excavation Rentals

  • Construction Firms
  • Utility Companies
  • Municipalities
  • Landscaping Contractors
  • Environmental Services
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Telecommunications Firms
  • Engineering Companies

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