As Dennis Prince steps into retirement, we celebrate his remarkable 24-year journey with Comer Construction. His dedication, growth, and unforgettable contributions have left an indelible mark on the company, reflecting the positive and supportive environment that defines Comer Construction.

Dennis Prince started his utility construction career in 1975. When his family moved from Howard County to Harford County 24 years ago, he needed to find a shorter commute and a new opportunity.

His neighbor recommended that he apply at Comer Construction. “It sounded like a good construction company,” Dennis recalls.

Little did he know that this decision would mark the start of an incredible journey spanning over two decades.


Dennis Prince talking at the construction site

The people here are like family. It’s been an incredible ride, sometimes fun, sometimes challenging, but always worth it.

Dennis Prince

Dennis Prince on a construction Site

We look out for each other, and that keeps people around.

Dennis Prince

Evolving Industry, Constant Culture: Dennis Prince’s Journey at Comer Construction

Dennis Prince’s career at Comer Construction is a testament to adaptability and resilience. When he first joined Comer, he was transitioning from infrastructure repairs to full-blown housing development. “Comer does things differently,” Dennis explains. “The scale and complexity were new to me, but I embraced the challenge.”

As the construction industry evolved, Dennis adapted, contributing significantly to Comer’s success and growth. His ability to navigate the increasing demands of complex work showcased his dedication and skill, marking him as an indispensable member of the team.

Safety standards have also dramatically transformed during Dennis’s tenure. “I used to be one of the only guys wearing a hard hat,” he recalls. The emphasis on safety has grown tremendously, and Dennis takes pride in the company’s unwavering commitment to ensuring everyone goes home safely each day. “We’ve always prioritized doing things the right way,” he affirms.

Beyond the professional advancements, it’s the family-oriented culture at Comer that Dennis cherishes the most. “Susie is a great boss and owner. A hug from your boss might seem unusual, but it’s a testament to the family mentality here,” he shares. “We look out for each other, and that keeps people around.” This supportive environment has been a cornerstone of Dennis’s experience at Comer, making his journey both memorable and fulfilling.

Growth Through Relationships

Throughout his career at Comer Construction, Dennis Prince has experienced significant personal and professional growth, largely thanks to the power of teamwork. A prime example of this is his partnership with Harry Johnson. “Harry takes care of things that need attention,” Dennis says, highlighting how their collaboration has been crucial in handling job site issues and personnel matters effectively.

This teamwork has not only fostered a supportive work environment but also taught Dennis valuable lessons about patience and the business aspects of construction. “Everything you do impacts the end cost. Doing it right the first time is crucial,” he explains, emphasizing the importance of precision and efficiency. These insights have benefited both Comer Construction and Dennis’s professional development.

The supportive and collaborative culture at Comer has been instrumental in Dennis’s growth. The lessons learned from working closely with Harry and other team members have shaped his approach to challenges and opportunities alike. “I’ve learned patience,” Dennis acknowledges, reflecting on how these interactions have driven his personal and professional evolution.

Dennis’s journey at Comer is a testament to the power of teamwork and the lasting impact of strong professional relationships. By working together and supporting one another, the team at Comer Construction continues to thrive and achieve excellence.

Dennis and Harry
Dennis and teammates on a job site.

I wouldn’t have stayed for 24 years if it wasn’t a place worth staying.

Dennis Prince

Dennis Prince on a construction Site

Hang on. It can seem overwhelming at first, but give it time. Listen to others around you and stay open to learning.

Dennis Prince

Dennis Prince, Utility Foreman at Comer Construction

Words of Wisdom: Advice for New Employees

To new employees, Dennis offers valuable advice: “Hang on. It can seem overwhelming at first, but give it time. Listen to others around you and stay open to learning.”

His words reflect the wisdom gained from years of experience, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and adaptability. Dennis’s insight underscores that patience and a willingness to learn from others are key to thriving in a new environment.

Looking Forward: Exciting Retirement Plans

As Dennis steps into retirement, he eagerly anticipates spending more time with his four children and two grandchildren.

“I don’t have hobbies yet – I hope to learn some. I’ll be doing things around the house,” he shares with a smile.

His retirement promises a blend of family time and new adventures, as he explores interests and enjoys the simple pleasures of life.

Farewell to Friends: What He’ll Miss Most

While he won’t miss the early mornings, Dennis will undoubtedly miss the camaraderie at Comer Construction. “The people here are like family. It’s been an incredible ride, sometimes fun, sometimes challenging, but always worth it. I wouldn’t have stayed for 24 years if it wasn’t a place worth staying,” he reflects. “I’ll miss the people the most – it’s a family I’m walking away from.” Dennis’s words capture the essence of his deep connection with Comer Construction and the lasting relationships he has built over the years.

As Dennis Prince bids farewell to Comer Construction, his 24-year legacy of hard work, adaptability, and commitment to safety will continue to inspire his colleagues. His journey with the company has been marked by significant contributions and strong relationships that have left a lasting impact.

Susie Comer, President of Comer Construction, says, “Dennis has been a key part of our team. His dedication and perseverance made a real difference here. We’re grateful for everything he’s done and know he’ll enjoy a well-deserved retirement.”

Dennis’s departure marks the end of an era, but his influence will remain a guiding force at Comer Construction for years to come.

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