Ever wonder how a site construction company can keep numerous pieces of heavy equipment operating efficiently at multiple job sites a day? Well, it takes top-notch crews, strict adherence to daily safety standards, and fuel… a whole lot of fuel.

And at Comer Construction, our fuel truck is a highly-relied upon piece of equipment that keeps our comprehensive site construction services running smoothly daily. That’s why we recently added a new fuel truck to our growing fleet. The new fuel truck, a 2020 Model GR713/64FR Mack, has the capacity to carry 2,500 gallons of fuel with the added bonus of an automatic transmission and air ride suspension. In addition to fuel, the Model GR713 also carries Diesel Exhaust Fluid, motor and hydraulic oils, grease and antifreeze.

Our state-certified fuel truck driver, operates the new truck delivering fuel to 10-to-12 site construction sites daily throughout the Greater Baltimore Region. Certified by the Maryland Department of Transportation, our driver holds a current Class B CDL license and has a Hazardous Materials and Tank Vehicle endorsement.