The Harford County Technical Rescue Team recently completed a trench rescue training with the help of Comer Construction.

Steve Hinch, the Training and Exercise Planner for the Special Operations Team, reached out to Comer Construction about assisting in the annual trench rescue training. The Emergency on Call Center, where Hinch works, is next door to our offices.

The focus of the training was for the Harford County Technical Rescue Team to understand the dangers of a trench rescue and the importance of cave-in protection when dealing with a trench rescue.

Comer Construction provided an excavator and operator to create a trench 8’ deep, 12’ long, 4’ wide and in the shape of the letter “L.”

This year’s training took place on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Comer Construction has helped with this training in the past. 

Trench Safety

If you are interested in learning more about excavation safety, here’s a video our team made in conjuction with the National Association of Home Builders: