We’re thrilled to announce the return of the Safety Solutions Team at Comer Construction, Inc. After a brief hiatus due to COVID-19 and other challenges, our dedicated team has reconvened, marking the first meeting since the program’s inception in May 2012.

The comeback of the Safety Solutions Team symbolizes our unwavering commitment to workplace safety and employee well-being.

Our latest meeting was a vibrant mix of familiar and new faces, with 15 team members joining the session. This gathering not only reflected the team’s diverse expertise but also its collective passion for fostering a safe and healthy work environment.

Safety Solutions Team Meeting Group Photo

Objective: Enhancing Company Safety

The primary objective of the Safety Solutions Team is straightforward yet significant: to provide robust support in enhancing our Company Safety Program. This initiative is more than a protocol – it’s a commitment to the personal safety and health of every employee at Comer Construction. By actively involving employees in the safety process, we aim to cultivate a culture where safety is a shared responsibility and priority.

Five Pillars of Our Safety Philosophy

Our approach to safety is built on five key principles:

Formulating Safety Policies

Together with the Safety Solutions Team, we continuously develop and update policies, practices, and procedures that prioritize health and safety.

Consultative Approach

Regular consultations with the Safety Director ensure that any changes proposed by the Safety Solutions Team align with our overarching safety goals.

Action Planning

Assisting management in action planning for occupational health and safety, including hazard control prioritization.


The team serves as a problem-solving group, identifying and controlling potential hazards in the workplace.

Resolving Safety Issues

Proactively addressing health and safety concerns, ensuring a safer work environment for all.

Code of Ethics: Fostering Respect and Openness

Our team operates under a strict code of ethics that emphasizes respect, openness, and positive communication. By leaving job titles and ranks at the door, we ensure a space where every voice is heard and valued. The emphasis is on forward-thinking, respectful dialogue, and a shared commitment to consensus and team decisions.

  • Job Titles, Rank, and “Fear” need to be left at the door.
  • Only open, honest and frank communication allowed at meetings.
  • Attend all meetings on time and prepared.
  • Be respectful of others.  Never bad-mouth another team member inside or outside your team.
  • Anything flagged as “confidential” cannot be shared outside the group NOW or in the FUTURE even after you leave the committee.
  • One speaker at a time.
  • Stay focused.
  • No Negativity! Avoid “he said/she said” and “they did or they did not do” comments.
  • Forward Thinking ALWAYS! What did or did not happen in the past is just that…… In the Past!
  • Share your own experiences and opinions.  Avoid “they say” statements.
  • If need be, agree to disagree.
  • All members agree to support the consensus.
  • Be willing to rotate weekly duties.
  • Set and Lead by Example.

Looking Ahead: A Safer Future!

The reinvigoration of the Safety Solutions Team at Comer Construction signifies our dedication to not only maintaining but elevating the standards of workplace safety. As we move forward, we remain committed to this vital aspect of our work, ensuring that every member of our team feels safe, heard, and valued.