Project Quick Facts

  • Project: Sinai Emergency Department Expansion

  • Services: grading, paving, utilities.
  • Location: 2401 W. Belvedere Ave., Baltimore, MD 21215

  • Timing: July 2022 to December 2024

  • Project Manager: Matt Scarff

Comer Construction began work on the Sinai Emergency Department expansion in July 2022, handling utilities, grading, curb and gutter work, sidewalks, and paving. DPR Construction serves as the project’s general contractor.

The $50 million expansion is designed to improve patient experience, and will ultimately double the capacity of the emergency department, expand the trauma center, and provide space for larger patient rooms.  


This job requires intense scheduling and coordination of accessibility for the hospital’s emergency room. The magnitude of the project’s scope and integrations with vital operating services require completion in phases.

Baltimore Utility Work

Our state-of-the-art equipment and decades of expertise ensure that each utility project is completed with precision. In the case of the Sinai Emergency Department expansion, we expertly handled all utility installations while navigating the needs of a complex and critical working environment.

Comer Construction, a trusted and reputable Maryland contractor, has extensive infrastructure expertise including sewer, pump and drain systems, and utility conduits.

Grading Services

Comer Construction’s site grading and excavation work is well-known in Maryland. Our crews operate a multi-million dollar fleet of equipment to tackle the monumental job of precise earth-moving in any topography.

Grading services – such as those completed for the Sinai Emergency Department expansion – include stormwater management, sediment control, mass excavation, rough and fine grading, fill dirt delivery and removal, and land clearing and stabilization.

Paving Work in Maryland

Comer Construction is experienced in a wide range of road work and paving projects in the Greater Baltimore Region, including municipal roadways, county and state projects, airports, recreational parks and trails, residential communities and commercial lots.

About Comer Construction

Comer Construction is a women-owned, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) providing commercial and residential construction services throughout northeastern Maryland for more than 30 years. Comer Construction is committed to providing safe, quality services, while serving the ongoing needs of its community. Comer Construction is a three time recipient the Dig Smart Award for Maryland. 

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