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Ferguson is the nation’s leading supplier for waterworks, sewer, and stormwater management equipment. Their Ferguson Waterworks facilities assist customers with finding the right products. Each location includes a large warehouse and parking area to service residential and commercial builders. 

Comer Construction was hired by CM Parker & Company, Inc. to provide the site construction services for the Ferguson Waterworks location in Joppa, Maryland.  

Construction Site Preparation in Maryland

Controling Erosion and Stormwater Runoff

Erosion is a natural process where materials like soil and rock are slowly worn away by wind and rain. Without proper controls this could be catistrophic for your next construction project. The foundation of the building and parking lot, including underground utilities, would suffer costly damages. 

Stormwater management is critical to controling erosion and protecting the environment around your construction site. Goals of stormwater management include:

  • Reducing flodding to protect people and property
  • Controling damage on public stormwater drainage systems
  • Supporting healthy waterways, including, streams, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay
  • Creating healthier communities

Trees and vegetation provide root systems that help with erosion and provide natural stormwater management. When these are removed and land is cleared for construction, like on the Ferguson project, it’s imperitive that measures are taken to control stormwater and prevent erosion.

Construction Site Preparation in Maryland

Stormwater Management Controls

A variety of stormwater management controls are utilized by Comer Construction based on the existing condition of the site and specifics of the new construction, including: 

  • Sediment and erosion control
  • Bioretention facilities
  • Detention and retention ponds
  • Wetland restoration and bioswales
  • Underground stormwater management systems
  • Value engineering options

Complete Commercial Site Construction Packages

Since 1982, Comer Construction has been a trusted partner to general contractors, developers, and property owners looking for site construction services.

There is a reason we have a reputation for excellence. We’ve invested in hiring and training a team highly-skilled heavy equipment operators and laborers capable of performing all aspects of our services. Our extensive fleet of construction equipment is rigoursly maintained in-house by our own team of mechanics. This allows Comer Construction control the quality of our work and keep projects on schedule. 

We provide complete site construction packages for commercial projects, like warehouses, retail development, and office parks. These comprehensive site construction services provide everything a general contractor needs to prepage the land for new construction. 

Construction Site Preparation in Maryland

Site Construction Services

Comer Construction provides everything you need to prepare your site for construction including: 

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