Project Quick Facts

The Eagles Rest community, located in Aberdeen, Maryland, is a Ryan Homes development in conjunction with Elm Street Development.

Comer Construction performed a variety of services for this residential development including utility work, stormwater management, grading, curb and gutter, material haul off, sidewalk and paving.

residential utility installation
residential utility installation

Underground Utilities in Harford County

Comer Construction, a trusted and reputable Maryland contractor, has extensive underground utility installation experience. For Eagles Rest, our team installed underground utilities including water and sewer lines.

Grading & Excavation in Harford County

Clearing land for new residential construction requires careful planning for individual home locations, including placing utilities and roads.

To support our grading and excavation services, we regularly invest in new construction equipment for efficiency and performance.

Utilizing our wide range of dozers, dumps, loaders, rollers, and trucks, the Comer Construction team cleared earth and leveled the land for construction. Our substantial fleet is regularly inspected and maintained for optimial performance by our in-house mechanics.

These photos show the team checking elevations and ensuring proper measurements. 

residential utility installation
residential utility installation
residential utility installation

The Importance of Stormwater Management

Proper stormwater management provides environmental, social, and economic benefits. Local waterways are cleaner, flood risks are lower, and risk of erosion is limited.

Comer Construction understands that a lot of our projects are near the Chesapeake Bay, a vital part of Maryland’s economy. By providing stormwater management services, we’re able to keep our waterways safe and support the economy.

For residential projects, like Eagles Rest, our services are also protecting homes and helping to provide recreational areas for families.

residential stormwater management - storm pond installation

Trench Safety with National Association of Home Builders

While onsite for this residential development project, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) visited the worksite to develop a safety video:

About Comer Construction

Established in 1982, Comer Construction is a women-owned, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) providing site construction services throughout northeastern Maryland. Comer Construction is committed to providing safe, quality services, while serving the ongoing needs of its community. 

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