Project Quick Facts

A leader in the equipment rental industry, Sunbelt Rentals, is expanding with a new facility in Joppa, Maryland at the intersection of Pulaski Highway and Pine Road. 

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company hired Comer Construction for the site preparation on this project. Our experienced construction team was lead by project manager Rodger Burkins.

Projects like this are great examples of our complete site construction packages

Construction Site Preparation in Maryland

Grading and Stormwater Management for Commercial Development

To prepare the land for development, Comer Construction started with site clearing, grading, and material haul off. Proper grading sculpts the land to fit the project’s needs. It creates a stable and safe foundation for the building and improves the aesthetic of the site. 

While grading the property, we also implemented stormwater management to minimize the risk of water damage or other issues that occur from poor drainage. This includes preventing erosion and damaging runoff. Our efforts to reduce runoff from rain and melted snow are critical to protecting water quality.

Given the nature of a large equipment rental facility, a significant portion of the land will be paved for the storage of equipment and tools. In accordance with Maryland’s stormwater management program, our team implements stormwater best management practices (BMPs) to mitigate the impact of development:

Stormwater BMPs are intended to address the impacts of impervious surfaces such as rooftops, paved streets, and parking lots. These hard surfaces prevent rainwater from soaking into the ground which results in an increased volume of runoff that is funneled into storm drains and discharged into streams an​d rivers. Stormwater management is necessary to reduce the amount and velocity of runoff across the land and into stream channels, pollutants, and local flooding.” [source]

Construction Site Preparation in Maryland

Stormwater Management Controls

A variety of stormwater management controls are utilized by Comer Construction based on the existing condition of the site and specifics of the new construction, including: 

  • Sediment and erosion control
  • Bioretention facilities
  • Detention and retention ponds
  • Wetland restoration and bioswales
  • Underground stormwater management systems
  • Value engineering options

Utilty Work for Commercial Redevelopment Projects

Comer Construction offers underground utility construction services for new development and redevelopment projects throughout Maryland. Our expert crews are well-versed in the installation of water and sewer systems, along with stormwater collection and drainage systems. 

Undergound Utility Services

  • Water mains and connections
  • Sewer mains and connections
  • Sewage pump stations
  • Storm drainage systems
  • Utility conduits

Commercial Paving, Curb, and Gutter

As part of our site construction package for Sunbelt Rentals in Joppa, Maryland, the Comer Construction team is paving the parking lot and installing curb and gutter.

Our team provides the full range of commercial paving services needed to open a location to traffic or maintain existing infrastructure. Established in 1982, our team has extensive road work and pavin experience in Maryland including municipal roadways, county and state projects, airports, recreational parks and trails, residential communities and commercial lots.

Construction Site Preparation in Maryland

About Comer Construction

Comer Construction is a women-owned site construction company specializing in site preparation and underground utilities. Since 1982, we’ve developed a reputation of excellence, built upon strict adherence to a set of values: Safety, Integrity, Quality, Commitment and Teamwork. Our team of highly-skilled craftsman and certified professionals perform all aspects of our services and can quickly adapt to your project’s particular needs.

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