On March 7th and 8th, Comer Construction conducted it’s 5th annual Safety Day. We split the company in half and do half one day and the other half the other day. Here is what we covered:

Damage Prevention Training

Susan Sullivan
Damage Prevention Education and Training Liaison
One Call Concepts 

Mark Hamrick
Investigator/Damage Prevention

Marc Haines
BGE Damage Prevention

Description: This training session educated employees about basic damage prevention principles as they apply to the region in which they work.

Comer Construction Damage Prevention Training

Run, Hide, Fight

Senior Deputy Bradley Crossley
Harford County Sheriff’s Office
Community Services Division

Description: This training focused on the background and history of active shooter incidents, case studies, and how to respond if you find yourself confronted by this life-or-death situation. Participants learned the 3 key elements to survival…Run, Hide, Fight.     

Whose Job is Safety?

Monica Rakoczy
Motivational Speaker
EnterTRAINING Solutions, LLC

Description: Everybody, Anybody, Somebody & Nobody: Whose Job is Safety?

Monica Rakoczy presents an interactive presentation that brings the construction industry together as a collaborative family to show the importance of passing on our lessons and connecting with each other. This program focuses on leaving the tech world behind and coming back to heartfelt human interaction and effective story telling.

The presentation then shifted to mental health struggles in our industry and shared lessons on how being open and telling a story can make a big impact on those around you.


DOT Safety

Jerome Anthony
Data, Education & Compliance Manager
ITD Motor Carrier Division
Maryland State Highway 

Christopher Krajewski & Nick Powell 
Compliance Review Investigators
MD State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division

Description: This training session was a broad overview of the FMCSA regulations and how they pertain to Comer Construction, which included a question-and-answer session.

Comer Construction Safety Training Wide Group Shot
Comer Construction Safety Training Days, Safety Training Presentation
Comer Construction Safety Training Days, Team Photo

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