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Angel Park Ground Breaking in 2016

Angel Park, located in Perry Hall, Maryland, is truly a community park. The playground was designed with the help of 4,500 local children.

Comer Construction provided site construction services for this Baltimore County Public Park, which includes an amphitheater, pavilion, multiple playgrounds, and restrooms. Our services, including grading, underground utilities, and roadwork, laid the foundation for the park that was built by volunteers in a matter of days. 

 The general contractor, North Point Builders, contracted with Comer Construction for site construction services.


Site construction for Baltimore county public park

The Angel Park Story

Inspired by the loss of their baby boy, Ryan, Kelli and Andy Szczybor envisioned a place where families and friends could find laughter, fun, and solace. Ryan sadly passed away from leukemia at 15 months old. Determined to bring something positive from their pain, the Szczybor family embarked on a mission to support others facing similar challenges.

The vision for Angel Park was to create a space that embraced inclusivity and provided a haven for children and families, regardless of their physical or mental abilities. 

Through word of mouth and the dedication of like-minded individuals, the momentum for Angel Park grew. Eventually, the stars aligned, and with the help of many people, a suitable plot of land became available for the construction of an all-inclusive playground and amphitheater. The park would not only honor the memory of Ryan but would also become a cherished destination where families could create lasting memories for generations to come.

Angel Park symbolizes the power of turning sorrow into something beautiful and reminds us that we can all be angels in someone’s life, spreading goodness and positivity.

Clearing the Way for Park Construction in Maryland

In 2016, Comer Construction provided site construction services for the park including grading, paving, and utilities. Our team returned in 2018 to prepare additional land for the restroom facility.

Construction Site Preparation in Maryland

Grading and Excavation

Nestled between a new home development and the local public library, was a plot of land set aside to become a public park in Baltimore County.

Grading and excavation is essential for getting the land ready for athletic parks and recreational facilities before any actual building takes place. Grading involves shaping the land’s surface, like a skilled sculptor, to ensure it’s level and has the right slope. It’s about making sure the water flows away from structures and keeping everything stable. Excavation is the process of removing soil and rock from the site to make space for foundations and underground utilities.

Comer Construction’s grading and excavation services created the solid groundwork for the construction of Angel Park in Baltimore County. 

Underground Utility Installation for Baltimore County Park

When it comes to site construction, installing underground utilities is a crucial task that brings essential services to our buildings. Comer Construction dug trenches and connected pipes for water and sewage throughout the property. 

Our expert crews are experienced in installing water and sewer systems, as well as stormwater collection and drainage systems. We self perform a variety of underground utility construction services, including: water mains and connections, sewer mains and connections, sewage pump stations, storm drainage systems, and utility conduits.

Underground utility construction in Baltimore County
Maryland utility construction, installation of water pipes in Baltimore County

Roadwork and Paving for Parks and Recreation

Road work and paving play a crucial role in creating accessible and enjoyable parks and recreation areas. These projects involve the construction and maintenance of roads, pathways, and parking lots that connect various park facilities.

Comer Construcion’s skilled workers and construction teams utilize their expertise to ensure smooth and durable surfaces that can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic. Through road work and paving, parks and recreation areas become easily navigable, allowing visitors to safely explore and access amenities such as playgrounds, sports fields, picnic areas, and trails. Whether it’s resurfacing existing pathways or constructing new roads, these efforts enhance the overall accessibility and usability of these outdoor spaces, promoting community engagement, health, and leisure activities for people of all ages.

curb and gutter installation for Baltimore County Park
Curb and gutter installation in Perry Hall, Maryland

Site Construction for Community Projects

Comer Construction is an active member of the community and supporter of projects like Angel Park. Pictured below are members of our team and other community leaders at the ground breaking ceremony in 2016.

It brings us great joy to see so many families enjoying the park, including members of our team and their families. 

Angel Park in Perry Hall, Maryland after construction

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