Project Quick Facts

Built in 2013, Gough Park in Perry Hall, Maryland spans 17 acres with sports fields, a concession stand, restrooms, and parking. It was built to overcome a shortage of athletic fields in the region

Northpoint Builders was the Design Build contractor for the multipurpose field complex. Their team handled all design, program development, and permitting with the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks

Comer Construction was hired to provide comprehensive site construction services. 

underground utility installation in Baltimore county. Placing sewer lines for a park

Complete Site Construction Packages for Recreation and Parks

Comer Construction’s comprehensive site construction services form the foundation for creating functional and aesthetically pleasing parks and recreation facilities. Site construction refers to the specialized services and activities involved in preparing the land and infrastructure for parks and recreation facilities.

Comprehensive site construction encompasses a range of essential tasks including:

Sewer Placement and installation at Baltimore County Park
parks and recreation site construction, grading to prepare land for athletic fields and park space

Stormwater Management for Baltimore County Park

Stormwater management plays a crucial role in the maintenance and sustainability of parks and athletic fields. Proper stormwater management helps prevent potential issues associated with heavy rainfall or storms. It ensures effective drainage, reducing the risk of waterlogging, erosion, and soil compaction. By controlling and directing stormwater runoff, it helps maintain the integrity of the playing surfaces, preserves the health of vegetation, and minimizes the potential for structural damage. Additionally, effective stormwater management promotes environmental conservation by reducing the pollution and sedimentation of nearby water bodies, preserving water quality, and supporting the overall ecological balance within the park or athletic field area.

 In accordance with Maryland’s stormwater management program, our team implements stormwater best management practices (BMPs) to mitigate the impact of development:

Stormwater BMPs are intended to address the impacts of impervious surfaces such as rooftops, paved streets, and parking lots. These hard surfaces prevent rainwater from soaking into the ground which results in an increased volume of runoff that is funneled into storm drains and discharged into streams an​d rivers. Stormwater management is necessary to reduce the amount and velocity of runoff across the land and into stream channels, pollutants, and local flooding.” [source]

underground utility installation at Gough Park in Baltimore County

Stormwater Management Controls

A variety of stormwater management controls are utilized by Comer Construction based on the existing condition of the site and specifics of the new construction, including: 

  • Sediment and erosion control
  • Bioretention facilities
  • Detention and retention ponds
  • Wetland restoration and bioswales
  • Underground stormwater management systems
  • Value engineering options

Underground Utility Installation for Baltimore County Park

Proper underground utility installation, including water and sewer systems, is of utmost importance for parks and athletic fields. It ensures the availability of essential services that are vital for the functionality and convenience of these recreational areas.

Water installation provides a reliable water supply for drinking fountains, irrigation systems, and restroom facilities, ensuring visitors have access to clean water. This is essential for hydration, maintaining green spaces, and promoting a healthy environment.

Sewer installation is equally important as it enables the efficient removal and treatment of wastewater from restrooms and other facilities. Proper sewer systems help maintain cleanliness, prevent odors, and protect the surrounding environment from contamination.

Moreover, underground utility installation ensures the safety and aesthetics of the park or athletic field. By placing utility lines underground, potential hazards such as exposed pipes or cables are eliminated, reducing the risk of accidents or damage. This allows visitors to enjoy the park or participate in athletic activities without concern for tripping or other safety concerns.

Sewer installation at Gough Park in Baltimore County
construction of stormwater management system and utility installation at a park in Baltimore County

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Comer Construction is a women-owned site construction company specializing in grading, excavation, underground utilities, and roadwork. Since 1982, we’ve developed a reputation of excellence, built upon strict adherence to a set of values: Safety, Integrity, Quality, Commitment and Teamwork. Our team of highly-skilled craftsman and certified professionals perform all aspects of our services and can quickly adapt to your project’s particular needs.

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