On Tuesday, March 1 and Thursday, March 3, we conducted our annual Safety days.  We split the company in half and do half one day and the other half the other day. Here is what we covered:

Working Around Heavy Equipment

Presenter:  Emmett Russell (Consultant for the American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA)

Topic: Internal Traffic Control, Blind Spots, Runovers/Back Overs, Caught Between, Struck By, Silica, Ladders, Falls.  This training session educated employees about safety while working on construction sites and around heavy equipment, vehicles and trucks.  This training included a demo using real equipment and showing the blind spots.

Notes: Fall Demo, workzonesafety.org, fall protection, overhead electric, blind spot demo w/ dump truck, handouts, videos, PowerPoints.

Buried Alive

Presenter: Eric Giguere (Motivational Speaker, Video Presentation)

Topic: Buried Alive. Eric Giguere, shares his story of how he was buried alive while working in a trench.  Eric explains the circumstances and events that led up to his accident and the profound effects it has had on him and his family.  Once you have heard Eric’s story, damage prevention will be more important to you than ever before!

Safety Information and Policy Updates

Presenter: Timothy Kaptein & Dorothy Kuzora (Comer Construction)

Details: Comer Construction QR code and The Substance Abuse and Testing Policy & Procedure.  Timothy Kaptein went over the QR code sticker that will be placed inside the new hard hats and went over the Comer Construction website for safety that the QR code will take you too.  Dorothy Kuzora explained and handed out the Substance Abuse and Testing Policy & Procedure.

DOT Safety

Presenter:  Steven C. Kirkwood (Administrative Officer III, Maryland Department of State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division)

Details: DOT Safety. This training session was a broad overview of the FMCSA regulations and how they pertain to Comer Construction, which included a question-and-answer session.

Notes: PowerPoints, load securement, CSA.

Stop the Bleed 

Presenter:  Steve Hinch and Harford County Employees (Harford County Government, Emergency Operations Center)

Details: Stop the Bleed is a national campaign to train people to assist in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.

Notes: Hands on tourniquet and packing to stop the blood, PowerPoints.

These all day meetings were held at Knights of Columbus in Forest Hill. 

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