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Overview of site construction work at School Mill
Schooley Mill Park, nestled in the scenic southern Howard County, spans 192 lush acres. This county park boasts diverse natural habitats, from wetlands to woodlands and meadows, making it a haven for wildlife. The park’s proximity to the Patuxent River and its tributaries adds to its charm, with wooded stream valleys defining its outer boundary. 

Comer Construction was awarded the Schooley Mill Park Riding Arena in February of 2023 to remove the old riding arena surface and replace it with a new surface. The new ring is designed to provide better drainage and improve the footing material for the horses at this well-used park amenity.

Schooley Mill Park equestrian ring construction in Howard County, Maryland

Site Construction for Equestrian Ring in Howard County

North Point Builders hired Comer Construction for the site construction work at Schooley Mill Park Riding Arena. Comer Construction’s scope of work encompassed the removal of the old surface, the installation of cutting-edge drainage solutions, and the implementation of superior footing materials. This comprehensive transformation was driven by a commitment to improving the park’s equestrian facilities, providing a safer, more enjoyable environment for horses and riders. 

Specialty Drainage Systems: Undrain Installation

Part of our scope of work was to install an undrain to improve drainage. An undrain is a specialized drainage system designed to prevent water accumulation in specific areas, such as sports arenas or construction sites. It typically consists of underground pipes or channels that efficiently redirect excess water away from the area, ensuring improved surface stability and preventing water-related issues. This system is crucial for maintaining the integrity and functionality of the targeted space, especially in situations where proper drainage is essential.

Worker installing speciality drainage system in Howard County, Maryland

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